The 12 Week Year for Writers

The 12 Week Year for Writers

Improve your writing productivity with a proven system

The 12 Week Year for Writers is a transformative roadmap to accelerating your writing output with a series of proven strategies that writers in any genre can implement.

The 12 Week Year saved my will work for you!

As a young professor, I discovered the 12 Week Year just when I needed it most. In the 20 years since then I have used it to write millions of words on all sorts of subjects. Most importantly, the 12 Week Year allowed me to get my writing done while maintaining a happy marriage, helping raise my three great kids, and getting entangled in any number of time-consuming side hustles along the way.

My goal is to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible. Thousands of people have already used the 12 Week Year to achieve amazing things and I know you can too.

Ten things this book will help you do

  • Clarify your writing vision
  • Connect your daily actions with your vision via a 12 Week Plan for your writing
  • Focus on just the most important tactics necessary to reach your goals
  • Create a healthy sense of urgency and motivation by shortening your planning horizon to twelve weeks
  • Reduce your stress about hitting goals by increasing the predictability and consistency of your writing
  • Build confidence in your ability to accomplish whatever writing projects you can imagine
  • Identify and resolve problems in your writing more quickly by reviewing your performance on a weekly basis
  • Reduce your anxiety by clearly identifying when it is time to write and when it is not time to write
  • Improve your work/life/writing balance by ensuring that your weekly schedule provides adequate time for each
  • Keep your projects on track by providing a weekly routine that reinforces your ability to get your writing done