Content Analysis Resources

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Thanks to the digitization of everything content analysis is enjoying boom times in many disciplines. For those just starting out the whys and wherefores of content analysis can seem overwhelming. Here are a few examples and resources to help you dive in.

Useful Writing about Content Analysis

Carlson and Montgomery, “A Pairwise Comparison Framework for Fast, Flexible, and Reliable Human Coding of Political Texts,” APSR (2017), pp. 835-843

Grimmer and Stewart, “Text as Data: The Promise and Pitfalls of Automatic Content Analysis Methods for Political Texts,” Political Analysis (2013), pp. 267-297

Lucas, et al, “Computer-Assisted Text Analysis for Comparative Politics,” Political Analysis (2015), pp. 1-24


Cool Examples of Content Analysis Strategies in Action

Word Counting/Topic Modeling

Neuman, et al, “The Dynamics of Public Attention: Agenda-Setting Theory Meets Big Data,” Journal of Communication (2014), pp. 193-214