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On this page you’ll find links to my course pages and syllabi as well as several downloadable resources.



American Security Policy

GOVT 346

This course provides an introduction to American national security policy. Through a combination of historical, theoretical, and case study readings students will gain an appreciation of the players, processes, and politics of American national security policy and of the challenges the U.S. faces in creating a coherent and effective grand strategy.

Politics and the Media

GOVT 412

Like it or not, the media sits at the heart of democratic politics.  This course covers many of the most contentious issues of recent years: the tension between education and infotainment, partisan news, “fake” content and “alternate facts,” and the media as a tool of disinformation and manipulation. 

Foundations of Security Studies
GOVT 744

This course introduces students from various backgrounds to a selection of foundational readings that help form the theoretical basis of security studies. Security professionals and students who plan to write security-flavored dissertations should find this course particularly useful. 

International Security

GOVT 745

This course has three related purposes. First, it introduces students to the major theoretical and analytical frameworks used by scholars and analysts of national and international security. Second, it provides a review of the modern debates on a range of timely issues in international security. Finally, it aims to help students improve their analytical tradecraft.

The Politics of National Security

GOVT 790

Coming Fall 2020…stay tuned.






Global Health Capstone

BIOD 790

This course provides students with the opportunity to hone their research, writing, and collaboration skills through completion of a capstone project that synthesizes the theoretical and subject matter knowledge students have gained in the program.


Study abroad

International Security Studies in Switzerland

Are you planning a career in national or international security? Interested in working abroad? Spent enough time in Fairfax and looking to expand your horizons?

Join us every July in Fribourg, Switzerland for a life-changing experience as we visit the United Nations, NATO, and the EU Parliament to learn about international security first-hand from ambassadors, foreign ministers, and military professionals.






These short guides offer my best advice on common student questions and concerns.


How to Take Notes

If you’re relying on a highlighter you’re probably doing it wrong. PDF


How to Write a Policy Memo

Written especially for people writing analytical memos but contains generally valuable advice for memo writers. PDF


How to Write Persuasive Policy Commentary

Advice for those who want to publish op-eds and commentaries in mainstream outlets. PDF


Should I Get a Master's Degree?

Getting a master’s degree can be a great idea, but make sure it’s the right idea for you. LINK.



Great performance requires a great recipe. If you follow the 8-fold path I promise you will write great papers.


Introduction to the 8-Fold Path

This video introduces my time-tested approach for writing great research papers. YOUTUBE


8-Fold: How to Pick a Great Research Topic

If you think finding a good topic is hard – you’re correct. Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction. YOUTUBE


8-Fold: How to Write a Literature Review

Reveals what literature reviews are actually for and how they should be conducted. YOUTUBE


8-Fold: Tips for Writing More Effectively

Strategic and tactical guidance for both undergraduate and graduate students writing research papers. YOUTUBE


8-Fold: How to Review Other People's Work

How to be constructive and not a jerk when you review other people’s work.


8-Fold: How to Revise Your Own Work

How to be constructive and not a jerk when you review and revise your own work.