GOVT 346
American Security Policy

GOVT 412
Politics and the Media

GOVT 744
Foundations of Security Studies

GOVT 745
International Security

POGO 750
Politics of National Security

BIOD 790
Global Health Security Capstone

Resources for Students

How to Take Notes

Looking for a sure fire way to get an A or to survive your comprehensive exams? This note taking strategy is for you.

Tips for Writing Persuasive Policy Commentary

If you want to write commentary for popular outlets you need to follow the rules and polish your prose!

Five Steps to Writing Killer Memos

Never written a memo before? Unsure you’re doing it right? Still trying to write a memo that will impress your boss? Here’s your guide.

Thrall’s 8-Fold Path to Writing Better Papers

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Picking a Good Topic & Framing Your Research Question

Picking a topic can be frustrating. Framing a great research question is difficult. Here are some tips.

Writing a Literature Review

Many students find literature reviews difficult to understand and conduct. This video will decode them for you.

Writing Well

Unless you communicate it effectively through your writing, no one will know how great your research and analysis are! Polish your writing by following these guidelines.

Revising Your Work

If you haven’t learned this secret already, be prepared to radically improve the quality of your writing by embracing the discipline of revision

Reviewing Other People’s Work

It is your professional duty to help other scholars and analysts improve their work. Being a constructive and useful reviewer is a gift to science.

How to Pass Your Ph.D. Comprehensive Exams

Every Ph.D. student must pass the hurdle of comprehensive exams, but few enter graduate school having any clear sense of what to expect. This guide provides some clarity and battle-tested strategies to prepare for exams.