Books and Edited Volumes

Fuel to the Fire: How the Trump Doctrine Worsens America’s Broken Foreign Policy. (Cato Institute 2019) with Christopher Preble and John Glaser

U.S. Grand Strategy in the 21st Century: The Case for Restraint (Routledge 2018) Edited with Ben Friedman.

Why Did the United States Invade Iraq? (Routledge 2011) Edited with Jane Cramer.

American Foreign Policy and the Politics of Fear: Threat Inflation since 9/11 (Routledge 2009) Edited with Jane Cramer

War in the Media Age  (Hampton Press 2000)

Policy Reports & White Papers

“The 2019 Arms Sales Risk Index,” Cato Institute September 2019, with Jordan Cohen and Caroline Dorminey

The Clash of Generations? Intergenerational Change and American Foreign Policy Views,” with Dina Smeltz, Erik Goepner, Will Ruger, and Craig Kafura, Chicago Council on Global Affairs June 25, 2018

Risky Business: The Role of Arms Sales in U.S. Foreign Policy,” with Caroline Dorminey. Cato Institute Policy Analysis #836, March 13, 2018.

Step Back: Lessons for U.S. Foreign Policy from the Failed War on Terror,” Cato Institute Policy Analysis #814, June 26, 2017.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy and the Myth of Retrenchment,” with John Glaser. Cato Institute Working Paper #43, April 24, 2017.

Millennials and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Millennial Generation’s Attitudes toward Foreign Policy and War (and Why They Matter),” Cato Institute White Paper, with Erik Goepner

 Research Articles & Book Chapters

Toward a More Prudent American Grand Strategy,” Survival, October-November 2019, with John Glaser and Christopher A. Preble.

“National Interests, Grand Strategy, and the Case for Restraint,” with Benjamin H. Friedman, in Thrall and Friedman, eds., U.S. Grand Strategy in the 21st Century: The Case for Restraint.

“Identifying the Restraint Constituency,” in Thrall and Friedman, eds., U.S. Grand Strategy in the 21st Century: The Case for Restraint.

All the World’s a Stage: The Rise of Transnational Celebrity Advocacy for Human Rights,” in the Routledge Companion to Media and Human Rights, edited by Howard Tumbler and Silvio Waisbord, June 2017 (w/Dominik Stecula).

May We Have Your Attention Please? Human Rights NGOs and the Problem of Global Communication,” with Dominik Stecula and Diana Sweet (International Journal of Press/Politics 2014)

“Building a Better Boomerang? Human Rights NGOs and the New Media” (with Dominik Stecula and Rossella Moyer, in Franziska Oehmer, ed. Political Interest Representation and the Media. (Nomos 2014)

Democratic Leaders and War: Simultaneously Managing External Conflicts and Domestic Politics” (Australian Journal of International Affairs  2012)

“Star Power: Celebrity Advocacy and the Evolution of the Public Sphere,” (International Journal of Press/Politics 2008)

“A Bear in the Woods? Threat Inflation in the Marketplace of Values,” (Security Studies 2007)

“Beyond Hegemony: Bush Media Strategy and the War in Iraq” (Mass Communication & Society 2007)

“The Myth of the Outside Strategy: News Coverage of Interest Groups” (Political Communication 2006)