Power Problems


Click on the links below to listen to individual episodes of the podcast I cohost with my Cato colleague Emma Ashford. To see all of them in one place click here or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

Ep. 27 August 27, 2018, “Trump’s Iran Policy: Strategy or Strategery?” with Barbara Slavin

Ep. 26 August 7, 2018, “The Complicated Case of the Rohingyas,” with Christine C. Fair

Ep. 25 July 24, 2018, “Counterterrorism Strategy in the Trump Era – Firm or Faux?” with Stephen Tankel

Ep. 24 July 10, 2018, “Works for Wonks: A Summer Reading List,” with Jim Goldgeier

Ep. 23 June 26, 2018, “When Terrorists Have Ji-Had Enough,” with Julie Chernov Hwang

Ep. 22 June 12, 2018, “Statesmanship in the 21st Century,” with Bruce Jentleson

Ep. 21 May 29, 2018, “To Summit or Not to Summit? Trump and North Korea,” with Eric Gomez

Ep. 20 May 17, 2018, “The U.S.: Global Force for Good?” with Jessica Trisko-Darden

Ep. 19 May 1, 2018, “It’s (Not) a Thucydides Trap: Rising Powers and Time Horizons,” with David Edelstein

Ep. 18 Apr 16, 2018, “Arms Bizarre: Selling Weapons in the Age of Trump,” with Caroline Dorminey

Ep. 17 Apr 2, 2018, “Out of Africa: A New Front in the War on Terror,” with Bronwyn Bruton

Ep. 16 Mar 21, 2018, “Here Comes the New Russia, Same as the Old Russia,” with Matthew Rojansky

Ep. 15 Mar 5, 2018, “Yemen: One War or Three?” with Kate Kizer

Ep. 14 Feb 20, 2018, “The Nuclear Posture Review: Pushing All the Wrong Buttons?” with Hans Kristensen

Ep. 13 Jan 30, 2018, “The Trump Doctrine at One Year,” with Kathleen Hicks and Hal Brands

Ep. 12 Jan 10, 2018, “A Trade Policy Deficit,” with Nate Olson

Ep. 11 Dec 26, 2017, “Hype and Hype-ability: Threat Inflation in U.S. Foreign Policy,”

Ep. 10 Dec 13, 2017, “All I Want for Christmas Is An F-35: Trump, the Generals, and the Pentagon,” with Aaron Mehta

Ep. 9 Dec 4, 2017, “A Syria(s) Problem: Chemical Weapons and International Norms,” with Greg Koblentz

Ep. 8 Nov 13, 2017, “Middle East Madness,” with Brian Katulis

Ep. 7 Oct 30, 2017, “Trump and Iran: Deal or No Deal?” with Colin Kahl

Ep. 6 Oct 16, 2017, “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures,” with Alexander Downes (George Washington University)

Ep. 5 Oct 3, 2017, “The Art of the (Nuclear) Deal,” with Ariane Tabatabai (Georgetown University)

Ep. 4 Sep 19, 2017, “Kim Jong Trump,” with Joshua Pollack (Middlebury Institute & The Nonproliferation Review)

Ep. 3 Sep 13, 2017, “Same Strategy, Different Day,” with Sameer Lalwani (Stimson)

Ep. 2 Sep 12, 2017, “It’s All about Those (Military) Bases,” with John Glaser (Cato)

Ep. 1 Sep 11, 2017, “More Power More Problems” with Christopher Preble (Cato)