Power Problems


Click on the links below to listen to individual episodes of the podcast I cohost with my Cato colleague Emma Ashford. To see all of them in one place click here or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

Ep. 9 Dec 4, 2017, “A Syria(s) Problem: Chemical Weapons and International Norms,” with Greg Koblentz

Ep. 8 Nov 13, 2017, “Middle East Madness,” with Brian Katulis

Ep. 7 Oct 30, 2017, “Trump and Iran: Deal or No Deal?” with Colin Kahl

Ep. 6 Oct 16, 2017, “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures,” with Alexander Downes (George Washington University)

Ep. 5 Oct 3, 2017, “The Art of the (Nuclear) Deal,” with Ariane Tabatabai (Georgetown University)

Ep. 4 Sep 19, 2017, “Kim Jong Trump,” with Joshua Pollack (Middlebury Institute & The Nonproliferation Review)

Ep. 3 Sep 13, 2017, “Same Strategy, Different Day,” with Sameer Lalwani (Stimson)

Ep. 2 Sep 12, 2017, “It’s All about Those (Military) Bases,” with John Glaser (Cato)

Ep. 1 Sep 11, 2017, “More Power More Problems” with Christopher Preble (Cato)