A reasonably complete list of my op-eds, commentaries, and blog posts from around the Internet. A fancier version of this page can be found at my Cato profile page.

May 18, 2019, “The United States (Probably) Won’t Go to War with Iran”

May 6, 2019, “Trump’s Misguided Assault on the ARMS Trade Treaty” @The Hill

Apr 5, 2019, “The False Promises of Trump’s Arms Sales” @Defense One

Mar 18, 2019, “Mind the Gap: The Foreign Policy Disconnect between Washington and America”

Mar 11, 2019, “Why the United States Should Not Send the Military to Venezuela,” @Orlando Sentinel

Feb 5, 2019, “American Weapons in Yemen: A Cautionary Tale,”

Dec 12, 2018, “The Battle Inside the Political Parties for the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy,” @War on the Rocks

Oct 17, 2018, “Who to Believe on Saudi Arabia: Trump or the Intelligence Community?” @Washington Examiner

Sept 11, 2018, “Another Year in Afghanistan,” @Texas National Security Review

August 29, 2018, “The Clash of Generations and American Foreign Policy,” @War on the Rocks

August 14, 2018, “U.S. Security Aid Enables Torture in Cameroon,” @UPI

August 9, 2018, “Will Trump’s Foreign Policy Matter for the Midterms?” @The Hill

July 2, 2018, “Arms Sales: Pouring Gas on the Fire,”

June 13, 2018, “A New Framework for Assessing the Risks from U.S. Arms Sales,” @War on the Rocks

June 13, 2018, “Time for Diplomacy, Not War, in Yemen,”

May 16, 2018, “Trump’s New Arms Sales Policy: What You Should Know,”

May 8, 2018, “America First Coming Soon?” @The Detroit News

May 4, 2018, “Ukraine, Trump, and Javelin Missiles,”

April 10, 2018, “Trump’s Instincts Are Right: We’ve Got to Get Out of Syria,” @New York Daily News

March 23, 2018, “Transparency Casts Doubt on American Role in Yemen,”

March 22, 2018, “Yemen Shows Why US Needs to Change Its Arms Sales Policy,” @Defense One

January 23, 2018, “Trump’s America First, Anti-Immigrant Policies Leave Voters Cold,” @Newsweek

January 22, 2018, “The Trump Doctrine and Public Opinion at One Year,”

January 19, 2018, “America’s Foreign Policy Attention Deficit,”

January 2, 2018, “Counterinsurgency Math Revisited,”

December 19, 2017, “Trump’s New National Security Strategy: Literally and Seriously Awful,”

December 14, 2017, “All I Want for Christmas Is…Civilian Leadership of Foreign Policy,”

December 6, 2017, “The GOP Has Bigger Problems than Trump and Roy Moore,” @Washington Examiner

December 1, 2017, “Trump Owns These Quagmires: Despite Being Skeptical about Foreign Entanglements, He’s Getting America Bogged down Overseas,” @NY Daily News

November 20, 2017, “Trump’s Declaration of North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terror Is Just Another in a Long Line of Policy Flip-Flops” @Washington Examiner

November 14, 2017, “Why America Can’t Afford to Continue Waging a War in Afghanistan,” @National Interest

October 26, 2017, “Time to Step Back from the War on Terror,” @War on the Rocks

September 22, 2017, “Is Trump Talking Us Into War with North Korea?” @Newsweek

September 14, 2017, “Introducing the American Fear Index,”

August 28, 2017, “Terrorism and the New Domino Theory,”

August 22, 2017, “The Slim Chances That Trump’s Afghanistan Policy Will Succeed,” @NY Daily News

August 21, 2017, “New Strategy, Same Results,” @U.S. News & World Report

August 10, 2017, “U.S. Drone Strikes in the Philippines Would Be a Massive Mistake,” @Washington Post

July 21, 2017, “Remember George W.’s War on Terror?” @Newsweek

July 20, 2017, “Fatal Fallacies in the War on Terror,”

July 11, 2017, “Is There Enough of a Shared Identity in U.S. to Meet Threats?” @Philadelphia Inquirer

July 1, 2017, “The Failure of American Leadership,”

June 18, 2017, “Trump’s Massive Afghanistan Mistake,” @NY Daily News

June 7, 2017, “Trump’s No Good Very Bad Arms Deal,”

June 6, 2017, “Was the Rise of ISIS Inevitable?”

May 31, 2017, “Time for a (different kind of) change in Afghanistan,” @The Hill

May 25, 2017, “The Saudi Deal Shows Just How Broken the US Arms Export Process Has Become,” @DefenseOne

May 25, 2017, “Is Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal the Worst Arms Deal Ever?” @Washington Examiner

May 7, 2017, “Iran Offers Lessons on Dealing with North Korea,” @Philadelphia Inquirer

April 27, 2017, “America First? Not So Fast! What We’ve Learned from the First 100 Days of Trump Foreign Policy,” @ War on the Rocks

April 26, 2017, “The U.S. Should Give Peace a Chance When It Comes to North Korea,” @The Hill

April 21, 2017, “Why More Military Action in Syria Is (Still) a Bad Idea,” @Washington Examiner

April 20, 2017, “Moving Backwards on Middle East Arms Sales,” @The Huffington Post

April 20, 2017, “Why Trump’s Words Matter,” @Real Clear Defense

April 15, 2017, “The Dangers of Escalation,”

April 10, 2017, “Syria and the Danger of Elite Consensus,”

April 5, 2017, “Doing Nothing Is Better Than Acting,” @U.S. News & World Report

March 21, 2017, “Lessons from North Korea,” @The Detroit News

March 14, 2017, “Were We Watching the Same Presidency? Obama Was Not a Restrainer,” @War on the Rocks

March 5, 2017, “Strong Military, But at What Cost?” @The Virginian Pilot

March 1, 2017, “Refugees, Immigration, and the Trolley Problem,”

February 22, 2017, “Trump’s Terrorism Fearmongering vs. the Facts,” @New York Daily News

February 21, 2017, “Early Returns on President Trump,”

January 26, 2017, “The Tug of War on ISIS inside Donald Trump’s Head,” @New York Daily News

January 26, 2017, “Divining the Emerging Trump Doctrine,” @Orange County Register

December 28, 2016, “Pulling Back Now Won’t Absolve American Involvement in Yemen,” @National Interest

December 27, 2016, “Will Trump-Branded Properties Be Targeted by Terrorists?”

December 23, 2016, “Trump Towers or Trump Targets?”

December 13, 2016, “Trump’s Military Men Can’t Fix America,” @USA Today

December 4, 2016, “Apart at the Seams? Hegemonic Stability Theory and the Myth of American Indispensability,”

December 4, 2016, “Why Trump’s War on the Media Matters,”

December 2, 2016, “Obama’s Legacy:,” @RealClear Defense

November 16, 2016, “The Looming Battle for Trump’s Foreign Policy,” @National Interest

November 9, 2016, “America’s Foreign Policy Tribes,”

November 4, 2016, “The Return of the Indispensable Nation,” @Orange County Register

October 24, 2016, “American Millennials and the World,” @Political Anthropologist

October 20, 2016, “Last Night’s Presidential Debate: A Warning to the Foreign Policy Establishment,” @National Interest

October 19, 2016, “After Mosul Falls, Should Our Troops Stay On In Iraq?”

October 17, 2016, “The Real Danger of Mosul,”

October 17, 2016, “It’s time for the United States to let Afghanistan go,” @Washington Examiner

October 7, 2016, “Refugees, Immigrants, and the Polarization of American Foreign Policy,”

September 22, 2016, “Two candidates, two bad responses to terrorism,” @NY Daily News

September 21, 2016, “Terror Attacks Won’t Budge Millennial Voters,”

September 15, 2016, “Hacking and the Era of Fragile Secrets,”

September 15, 2016, “Primed against Primacy: The Restraint Constituency and U.S. Foreign Policy,”

September 14, 2016, “Terrorism News and the 9/11 Anniversary Effect,”

September 9, 2016, “Do Less in the War on Terror” @U.S. News and World Report

August 31, 2016, “Make America Safe Again? But America Is Already Safe”

August 24, 2016, “Make America (Realize It’s) Safe Again,”

August 23, 2016, “What To Do about Syria?”

August 15, 2016, “Is Keeping at Arm’s Length in Syria Obama’s Worst Mistake?”

August 11, 2016, “Syria Is Not Obama’s Worst Mistake,”

July 27, 2016, “The Democrats’ Three-Way Split,”

July 25, 2016, “Why Send More Troops to Iraq?” @DetroitNews

July 18, 2016, “The Coup and the Crackdown: Turkey and American Foreign Policy,”

July 1, 2016, “Relax. Brexit Won’t Cause the International Order to Collapse,”

June 29, 2016, “The Democrats’ New National Security Strategy,” @HuffingtonPost

June 28, 2016, “How Much Do Americans Really Fear ISIS?”

June 20, 2016, “How Terrorism Has Hijacked American Foreign Policy,”

June 12, 2016, “Americans prefer foreign policy of restraint over interventionism,” @Orange County Register

June 9, 2016, “The American Public Is Not Hawkish on China,”

June 3, 2016, “Can Clinton Beat Trump on Foreign Policy?”

June 2, 2016, “Why Clinton Won’t Win the Foreign Policy Debate,”

May 17, 2016, “Why Hillary Clinton Will Be a Foreign Policy Nightmare,”

May 13, 2016, “Foreign Policy and the Failure of the Marketplace of Ideas, “

April 29, 2016, “The Challenges of Restraint,”

April 19, 2016, “Why Fight the ‘Long War’?” @HuffingtonPost

April 19, 2016, “Libya and the Five Stages of U.S. Intervention,”

April 4, 2016, “Trump Is the Ignorant Candidate Ignorant Americans Deserve,”

March 26, “To Reduce ISIS Threat, U.S. Should Pull Out of the Middle East,”

March 22, “Responding to Brussels,”

March 16, “Millennials Not Scared of Outside World,”

March 14, “Candidates Should Start Thinking about Taiwan,” @RealClearDefense

February 26, 2016, “Trump Tells Us How He’ll Harm America,” @The Federalist

February 24, 2016, “Obama’s Gitmo Closure Plan Runs into the Sand,”

February 23, 2016, “The Politics of Gitmo,”

February 17, 2016, “The U.S. Should Stop Supporting the War in Yemen: The Moral Case for Restraint,”

February 11, 2016, “Past as Prologue? What North Korea Teaches Us about Iran’s Nuclear Program,”

February 4, 2016, “The Best Defense Is a Good…Defense,”

January 28, 2016, “Why It’s So Hard to Leave Afghanistan”

January 21, 2016, “Looking for Moderates in All the Wrong Places,” @RealClearDefense

January 7, 2016, “Trump Versus the World,”

December 28, 2015, “The 2016 Presidential Candidate Intervention Meter,”

December 16, 2015, “Don’t Let Hawks Exploit Terrorism Fears,”

December 1, 2015, “Obama Should Stay Out of the Turkey-Russia Crisis,”

November 25, 2015, “Dear Mr. President: It’s Time to Ignore the Polls on Syrian Refugees,”

November 23, 2015, “Paris Changed Nothing. We Still Have Every Reason to Welcome Syrian Refugees,”

November 6, 2015, “Syria Will Be the Next Vietnam-Style War If Obama Doesn’t Learn from History,”

November 5, 2015, “Afghanistan Echoes Vietnam Again – As the ‘Credibility Gap’ Looms,”

October 21, 2015, “Let Syrian Refugees In – All of Them,”

September 29, 2015, “To Russia with Love: Why Obama Should Be Glad Russia is Getting Involved in Syria,”

September 23, 2015, “Is the World Really on Fire? The GOP Wannabes Think So,”

September 21, 2015, “The Interventionist Itch,”

September 21, 2015, “A World on Fire?”

September 8, 2015, “Five Problems with the “Secret” Drone Campaign in Syria

September 4, 2015, “The U.S. Obsession with Victory Is Dangerous,” @

July 27, 2015, “Millennials Support Iran Deal,” @ Philadelphia Inquirer

June 24, 2015, “Millennials on Foreign Policy: More Cooperation, Less Use of Force,” @ Newsweek

May 21, 2015, “The Glaring (Ir)Relevance of Ramadi,”

April 23, 2015, “Refuse Ground War with Islamic State,” @ Detroit News

March 17, 2015, “Republicans Will Win the Foreign Policy Debate in 2016, Unless They Blow It,” @ Huffington Post

December 23, 2014, “Soft Hearts and Hard Minds: The Enduring Challenge of U.S. Foreign Policy” @

December 8, 2014, “Not So Senseless Violence: The Strategic Logic of ISIS Beheadings “@ U.S. News & World Report

September 17, 2014, “Why Obama’s War Won’t Hold Its Popularity”

June 26, 2014, “New Media, Old Problems in Human Rights,” @ The Monkey Cage

June 3, 2013 “The Ricin Letter Epidemic,”

May 13, 2013 “Three Quick Thoughts: Intervention in Syria,” @ The Pandora Report

March 1, 2012 “Reagan Doctrine Redux?”

February 22, 2012 “A Responsibility to Protect?”

February 9, 2012 “The Truth Is Out There,”

January 26, 2012 “Support for Whacking Iran: Who Needs Propaganda? ”

January 19, 2012 “Foreign Influence in the News?”

December 12, 2011 “On Dear Ears: U.S. Public Diplomacy and Iran,”

December 6, 2011 “Foreign Policy on Hold?”

September 19, 2011 “Ignorance, Ideology, and the Power of Propaganda,”

September 8, 2011 “Obama, 9/11, and the Group That Shall Not Be Named,”

August 30, 2011 “Why Can’t Obama Buy a Vowel?”

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