Trevor Thrall

I am a professor at George Mason University and Director of the Biodefense Graduate Program.

Fuel to the Fire…Coming Soon

Preorder from As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump broke not only from the Republican Party but also from the bipartisan consensus on the direction of recent U.S. foreign policy. Calling the Iraq war a terrible mistake and lamenting America’s nation building expeditions, Trump evinced little… Read More »Fuel to the Fire…Coming Soon

War with Iran?

Mines, downed drones, and one *almost* retaliation. The question on everyone’s mind is: Will there be war? Though the risk is not zero, the smart bet – for now – is that there will not be war. Read here for my take on what is making war… Read More »War with Iran?

The Clash of Generations?

I am happy to announce the publication of a new report I recently coauthored with colleagues from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Charles Koch Institute. The report is “The Clash of Generations? Intergenerational Change and American Foreign Policy Views.” Here is a… Read More »The Clash of Generations?