Trevor Thrall

I am a professor at George Mason University and Director of the Biodefense Graduate Program.

Trump’s Dismal Drone Policy

The Trump administration is looking to allow U.S. defense contractors to expand the sale of drones, including armed drones, worldwide. Advocates point to the economic benefits and suggest it will strengthen U.S. partnerships in the fight against terrorism, but their arguments are misguided. In addition to bolstering… Read More »Trump’s Dismal Drone Policy

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Trump Extends Travel Ban to 6 Countries — but Is OK with Selling Arms to Those Same Places

The Trump administration announced Friday that it is adding six new countries to the existing travel ban, joining the seven already on the list. The ban means that citizens living in these nations cannot get visas to travel to the United States without getting a special waiver, dramatically reducing the… Read More »Trump Extends Travel Ban to 6 Countries — but Is OK with Selling Arms to Those Same Places

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Explaining U.S. Arms Sales

This past June, the U.S. State Department inspector general who was fired by President Trump, revealed that the administration discouraged him from investigating arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which the administration has pursued despite intense opposition in Congress in light of Saudi Arabia’s disastrous war in… Read More »Explaining U.S. Arms Sales

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What Ukraine Tells Us about Trump

According to a formal whistleblower complaint, President Donald Trump withheld Congressionally-appropriated aid from Ukraine in an attempt to pressure Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate Trump’s 2020 political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. In addition to seeking dirt on Biden, Trump also asked… Read More »What Ukraine Tells Us about Trump