Over the course of the 2016 campaign, there’s been an awful lot of talk about how terrible and dangerous the rest of the world is. Listening to Donald Trump and company you can easily imagine the world consists of nothing but terrorists, free-riding allies, trade cheats and currency manipulating superpowers.

Given the overheated rhetoric, it’s not hard to see why a surprising number of Americans are supportive of a wide range of nationalist and xenophobic proposals, from banning Muslims from entering the country (supported by 33%) or keeping track of Muslims in a database (supported by 44%), to building a wall on the Mexican border (supported by 46%). But one very important group of Americans does not share these views. In fact, the millennial generation (ranging from 18-35 years old), embraces a much rosier view of the rest of the world. As America’s largest generation, millennials stand poised to make their views heard this November.

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